BHP Billiton

Project Description

  • Management of 2 civil engineering contracts from tender phase to completion of “as-built” drawings.
  • Management of 3 civil engineering construction contracts, total value of R25 million rand.
  • Contract administration and detail planning during procurement, engineering, co
  • Upgrading of 2 aluminium casting furnaces to 65 t capacity each.
  • Construction / installation of a 12m diameter, 20m deep, five strand 60-ton slab casting pit (15m below sea level)
  • Installation of the slab solid metal handling system, including installation of new aluminium slab saw.
  • Upgrading of 2 aluminium billet casting furnaces to 55 t capacity each.
  • Construction / installation of a 254mm billet casting pit.
  • Installation of an in-line automated billet homogenising plant.
  • Installation of an automated billet saw.

Project Details

  • Date May 20, 2014
  • Tags Project Management
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